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Essence of the Opportunity

Whitehorse is the capital of the Yukon, the western gateway to the North and home to some of the most spectacular scenery in Canada. Named the Wilderness City, Whitehorse is nestled on the banks of the famous Yukon River surrounded by mountains and pristine lakes. Gorgeous scenery and a vibrant city lifestyle, it’s no small wonder over 26,000 people enjoy living here year-round. A healthy economy, tremendous services and amenities, strong values, commitment to sustainability, a safe environment in which to raise a family, and access to the great outdoors, makes Whitehorse one of the best cities in Canada in which to live and work. Whitehorse also provides diverse services to all outlying communities. Its economic base includes mining, transportation services, tourism and government services.

Being named one of the best places in Canada to live is due to the incredible work the City has done to develop the infrastructure and services that support the residents and encourage commercial investment. The City is vibrant and growing. By 2020, the population is expected to grow to over 34,000 people. There are few cities in Canada that have the heart and community spirit of Whitehorse and provide the professional challenge and complexity that comes with being a sustainably focused capital city. Unique to the role, is the extent of the funding negotiations with the territorial and federal government.

The City Manager will provide vision and leadership to the staff, lead strategic planning, and build strong, positive relationships with the Yukon and Federal Governments and the First Nations. Critical to success will be the City Manager’s ability to support Council in making the right short and long-term decisions related to providing the residents and businesses with the infrastructure, programs and services needed and keeping Whitehorse vibrant and financially sound.

The ideal candidate is an outstanding municipal leader or DM/ADM level professional who has developed a reputation for building and leading strong, empowered teams in the delivery of a complex portfolio of services. He/she is talented and effective in long range and strategic planning. He/she understands financing and is able to present the case for support and the risks associated with major decisions. They are humble, open, authentic, honest and an effective communicator. He/she is committed to ensuring the City has an engaged and motivated team that is continually evaluating opportunities to drive efficiency and improvement.

This is an amazing opportunity for a leader who wants to marry their professional expertise with a tremendous quality of life in one of the most naturally beautiful cities in Canada.

To explore this exciting opportunity further, please contact Lorraine Scrimshaw at 604-602-2558 or submit your resume and information to and state the title of the position in the subject line of your e-mail.

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The City Manager reports directly to City Council and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the City of Whitehorse.

The City Manager's role is to ensure the vision and policy direction created by City Council is carried out by the various departments.

Contact the City Manager's Office:
(867) 668-8626