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Home Heating

Curious about the impacts of how you heat your home? Trying to decide between different heating fuels? Want to know how mortgage payments and energy costs compare? Check out this comparison report.

Energy Brochure Scale

Green Building Standards

Whitehorse has had new energy efficiency standards since 2012. As of 2014, buildings have also required an energy label. Visit Building Inspections for more detail.

Whistle Bend Solar District Heating Report

ATCO Electric Yukon completed a feasibility study on the use of solar borehole thermal energy storage as a district heating system for Whistle Bend. For more information, click here to read the report summary.

Energy Management Plan

Energy plan cover

In 2012, the City completed an Energy Management Plan to serve as a roadmap for achieving significant energy and cost reductions and improving the overall energy management of City facilities. The development of the Plan involved energy audits on 23 City facilities, representing over 90% of the City’s floor space, as well as staff interviews, performance benchmarking, and an organizational assessment.

The Plan provides the business case and action plan for the implementation of cost-effective energy management opportunities including technical measures, operating and maintenance practices, and corporate-level energy management systems.

This project was funded by the Yukon Energy Corporation and Federal Gas Tax.

City Council adopted this Plan in January, 2013. Administration is now working on implementation.