Sister City Program - Lancieux, France

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2017 marks the 17th Anniversary of the Program!

Whitehorse, Yukon and Lancieux, France began a Sister City program in 2000. The two cities honour their friendship by flying the flag of their Sister City once each year. 

Check out our special Anniversary messages to Lancieux, August 2015 (partly in French).




Merci a l'Association franco-yukonnaise! 

The flag raising ceremony was followed by a celebration and reception. 

Lancieux Anniversary Invitation

Lancieux flag raising

Mayor Curtis at the Lancieux Flag Raising ceremony, 2014

These two cities are connected through the life and work of poet Robert W. Service, a British poet especially renowned for his writings about Northern Canada. After leaving the Yukon in 1912, Service moved to France and bought a cabin in Lancieux. It is the great affection he had for these towns that still brings the sister cities of Whitehorse and Lancieux together today.

Lancieux and Whitehorse have organized several youth exchanges since 2000, when a delegation of Yukon Francophone youth read the proclamation in both official languages at the signing ceremony in Lancieux.